Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Community -oriented plan of care Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 2

Community -oriented plan of care - Assignment Example They can also learn to include all the coworkers and to involve the family members to help build support systems. The worksite can also learn to change Policy and Environmental approaches to making proper healthy choices for their employees and their families. In this part they will learn how to change food choices in the cafeteria and/or in the vending machines. They can also learn how to initiate on-site exercise facilities. In learning anything one must have the motivation to learn and to participate in the learning. What is motivation? It describes the forces acting on or within ways to maintain certain behaviors. It would depend on the readiness to learn. In learning about how to motivate workers to improve their health status in dealing with Heart Disease they learn about the necessary reinforcers, to see if their needs are still being met, to learn what experiences are causing the problem and how to change it, and also to see if they can identify the causes of the problem they are having. Are we motivated to make the necessary changes to improve life. (Redman, 1993) In working in sociocultural factors and heart disease and in forming learning activities one must learn about the formal and informal channels of communication between health programs and the community. We must learn about the barriers that may be the result of differences in cultural beliefs and practices. In writing this care plan for heart disease the community will learn how to make changes in their diets and exercise programs. They will learn how to check their blood pressure and to plan an exercise program that fits with their lifestyles. They will learn what will motivate workers to make the changes they are needed to improve their

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